3 days and 2 nights

Join us for the Full Moon Revival Retreat at Wahwahtaysee Resort located on the San Marcos River. Nestled away on our very own 100 acre slice of heaven we will have an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and nature in a unique setting that has the feel of Texas but with luxury being the ultimate goal. Over the weekend we will explore movement, sound, and manifesting to reset and prepare you for the new moon and the new year.

January 10th - 12th, 2020

Packages start at $775

What's included

You will be immersed in daily yoga and meditation practice. Enjoy healthy plant based meals prepared by a personal chef to help reset your body from the inside out. Begin to heal your body through sound and explore the benefits Cocoa through ceremony.


Participate in a healthy cooking class featuring Fitppl products for great ideas to implement in the kitchen in the new year.

Manifest and Conquer

Learn how to manifest during a Vision Board Workshop and get clear on what you truly want in 2020. Access the knowledge of your animal spirit through a guided meditation. Face your fears with a rejuvenating Polar Bear Plunge in the San Marcos River and a Sky Diving excursion. 

Wahwahtaysee Resort

Set on over 100 acres of pristine wilderness on the San Marcos River just 50 miles south of Austin is Wahwahtaysee Resort, a luxury retreat. The property features carefully appointed safari tents that allow you to enjoy all of life’s luxuries amidst the great outdoors, creating a truly unique experience.

The instructors

Elese Rose

Andrea Taylor

Kiana Ochoa

Vanadia Badillo

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    Additional Services:

    Reiki Massage