What is an active cleanup?

Our cleanups combine the active lifestyle of fitppl + our mission to reduce plastic pollution. We get sweaty, then cleanup. Workouts or activity will be incorporated either before or into the cleanup. It's a great way to meet like minded people in your community.

Why is this our purpose?

fitppl was created on a platform of reform. Our mission to reduce plastic and trash pollution, was born way back in 2013 in the waters near Hong Island, when fitppl was still just an idea. The fitppl philosophy was eventually incorporated into our products and action.

Why we do it?

Plastic pollution is at catastrophic levels. By 2050, plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish. Once plastic reaches the oceans, it’s practically impossible to cleanup, and it does not go away.

How often?

Currently we host active cleanups monthly, but as our company grows, we'll host as many as organizationally possible. We don't cap our impact based on sales.

Where do you host?

We host around Austin, Texas. Our goal is to host around the U.S. and eventually the world. If you would like to help organize in your city, drop us a line!

What to expect?

Expect to sweat, have fun, and make a difference. Some cleanups we'll find sponsors to offer prizes or goodies during or after the cleanups.

What do I bring?

We'll have everything you need. Just bring yourself, friends, and a good attitude.


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Want to help?

Want to organize in your city? We’ll fully back your cleanup with a custom landing page, flyer design, and any other marketing materials you need to help spread your cleanup! Drop us a line and let’s get to work.

Barton CreekGreenbelt Cleanup

Over 1,900 pounds of trash removed by our volunteers!

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1500 lbs

2017 Plastic Cleanup Goal.