No Nonsense

Our Belief

At fitppl, we believe there are no life hacks on the journey to optimal living. The truth about progress is there are no shortcuts. Any long-term success requires the necessary steps, everyday, to steadily progress. The only way to better yourself, is to do better everyday...and that starts with better nutrition.

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Where we'regoing

We're on a mission to cut through the nonsense in our industry. These days, the health of people and the planet takes a back seat to gimmicky marketing, empty promises, and out of touch one liners. How we do things at fitppl is an uphill battle against the status quo, but we believe when people take action, they're unstoppable.

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Actions speak louder

At this point we've all seen it. We're inundated with a million advertisements and brands...and It's all just talk. When you look behind the curtains there is no real purpose or commitment to anything. You see empty marketing such as "The cleanest protein ever", but they still use gums. "The best superfood on the market" but they use stevia and natural flavors. "We care about the environment" but they use plastic tubs and scoops. It's all talk.

fitppl can be summarized in two words: no nonsense. It's the belief system of our founder Patrick, "I was tired of what I saw. Influencers and celebrities were hawking whatever health products would paid them the most. Gimmicky marketing developed by expensive marketing agencies. Manufactured mission statements riddled with woke missions of caring about the environment...but were doing the complete opposite. It was all complete nonsense. Actions speak louder than words, and it was time to do something."

best plant protein powder
best plant protein powder

Our Belief

What real purposelooks like

Authentic brand purpose is a process that doesn't happen overnight...and it can't just be willed by a mission statement and some venture capital money. A true mission is lead by an unrelenting belief in what you're doing, regardless of the roadblocks along the way. Weak purpose is the catalyst to failure, because doing the work is what's hard. if you're willing to put in the work with relentless passion, then the mission of fitppl, becomes your purpose.

best plant protein powder

"fitppl is the first food and supplement brand cleaning up the plastic our industry creates."

A no nonsense approachto supplementation

What does no nonsense mean? For us, it's no stevia, no soy, no gums, no "natural flavors." Most supplements are full of sh*t. Read the label and you'll see emulsifiers, like xanthan and other gums.

These gums are shown to interfere with microbes in the gastrointestinal tract, known as gut microbio. Stevia can be processed, mixed with chemicals, blended in a hundred ways, and still legally be called simply stevia.

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People first

We believe that nutritional supplements should put people first. The bottom line takes a distance second. It just helps us sleep at night creating products that are better for you and free of evil practices.

best plant protein powder
fitppl red superfood powder
Highest quality ingredients

Our products are crafted with the top ingredients from all over the world. Which means they undergo rigorous testing and traceability from farm to doorstep.

Nutrientsyou canread

They say seeing is believing right? Most product focus on flashy design, buzzwords, charts, pictures, and empty promises of a clean product. But read the label and it's a whole different story. Regardless of your preferred diet, whether it's complex or simple, we are advocates that you should be able to easily recognize the ingredients.

All of our products proudly bear certifications from the Non-GMO Project, GFCO,, and B Corp. This means our products undergo rigorous testing and traceability from farm to doorstep.


Non-GMO Project Verifed

Certified Gluten-Free Certified

Certified B Corp

True Social Responsibility since 2015


best plant protein powder

Environmentally friendly. A buzzword you see everywhere. It's a vague term that doesn't hold much water. Marketers across the globe have used this term to make consumers believe that their products are good for the environment. For fitppl, we believe in social responsibility. Which means reducing or eliminating plastic. Each fitppl product comes with a palm leaf scoop made from naturally fallen palm leaves. Our scoops are 100% compostable and biodegradable.


Sustainability is a tricky subject, the term is often used today by companies wishing to position their products as “green.” But with many green initiatives; there are many, many complex issues to deal with. We do not sell a zero waste solution. We do not sell a zero waste line of products. We do endeavor to be completely open with our customers as to why we do things the way we do them. Unfortunately there is currently no silver-bullet solution…Our primary goal in this area is awareness of our impact upon the environment and a sincere effort on our part to minimize it. There really is a lot of truth to the statement, the first step towards change is an awareness.

best plant protein powder

Volunteers from our San Diego cleanup in 2019


There is no denying that environmental change created by humans is causing irreversible damage to our planet. It's a problem that's on all our minds but one which is frequently swept under the rug. We welcome you to join our mission by pledging our one piece a day initiative, or get involved in our active cleanups, or just educate friends and family. We believe the most effective way to spread this message is through our passionate, dedicated customer base. If you have ideas, suggestions, events, or media outlets to help spread our mission, drop us a line!

Future & Growth

Our Promise

We're fully committed to it to everything we say. Which means a commitment to better products, more sustainable practices, and meaningful impact. fitppl was founded on these principles from the beginning and will always remain our core values.

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