Disrupting the norm. Since Day One.

At fitppl, we're fueled by the "why." Why are wellness products packed with questionable ingredients? Why do CPG brands generate so much waste? From the beginning, we've committed to a different path – creating products that are better for you and the planet. We believe in natural innovation, challenging the norm, and making a real difference. Join us in redefining wellness with purpose and integrity.


innovation by necessity.

Back in August 2012, our founder Patrick was frustrated by the lack of healthy snack options at his office. That's when fitppl was born – a line of products with genuine, wholesome ingredients and nothing shady. Today, we're still committed to elevating nutrition and transforming lives with every product we create.


The fitppl Standard

We go the extra mile to guarantee the quality and integrity of our products. From farm to doorstep, each item undergoes rigorous testing and traceability. We're proud to be Non-GMO Project verified, Gluten-Free Certified, Vegan.org certified, and a Certified B Corp. With fitppl, you know you're getting the best for yourself and the planet.

the journey That Launched The Fitppl Mission

A trip to Thailand in late 2013 transformed the fitppl journey and changed our founder Patrick's life forever. As he soaked in the country's beauty, the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the ocean stood out. This experience ignited Patrick's passion, turning fitppl from an idea into a mission. Today, we're driven to make a real difference, one product at a time.

Big Beard. Bigger mission.

Meet Patrick, the founder of fitppl and a man on a mission. Hailing from Austin, Patrick's love for the great outdoors inspired him to create products that are better for people and the planet. Sporting a serious beard and an even more serious mission, he's driving change in the wellness industry toward a more sustainable future. 

Proudly homegrown in Austin, Texas