Fit Starts Within.
Fit Starts with nothing shady.

Our Ethos

In a world full of empty promises, we stay true to our values. Better nutrition is the foundation of optimal living, and it starts with pure, authentic ingredients. We don’t cut corners or use gimmicks—that’s not who we are. At fitppl, delivering the highest quality nutrition is what we do best, because we believe in the power of authentic products to fuel our community.

You come first

Zero Shady Ingredients. Zero Waste.

Our mission is to cut through the noise in the wellness industry and offer genuinely beneficial products that prioritize both human health and environmental sustainability. We stand firm in our commitment to never use any ingredients or packaging that don't align with these values. We're here to set a new standard, ensuring everything we create is good for you and the planet.
We believe in the power of simplicity. That's why we use only pure, unprocessed ingredients in our products. No stevia, soy, gums, emulsifiers, solvents, dairy, hexane, natural flavors, or artificial ingredients. We're committed to transparency and honesty, ensuring you know exactly what you're getting in every fitppl product.
Authentic nutrition
We don't use any additives or artificial ingredients that could disrupt the balance of your gut microbiome. For instance, many companies use stevia as a sweetener, but it can be heavily processed and mixed with chemicals, yet still be labeled as "stevia." We believe in transparency and purity, which is why we only use clean, natural ingredients. 
Our products undergo thorough testing and traceability from farm to home to earn these certifications

We offset any waste create through our cleanups. We call this authentic sustainibilty.

In a world full of greenwashing, we believe in authentic sustainability. This means taking responsibility for our environmental impact and doing everything we can to minimize it. We strive to be transparent about our practices and ensure every decision we make considers the planet. We're committed to real change, not just empty promises.

Ditch the plastic

Eliminating plastic in our products since day one. 100% compostable scoops and packaging. 


We are fully committed to everything we do. We're dedicated to better products, authentic sustainable practices, and meaningful impact today and into the future. fitppl was founded on these principles since our humble beginnings in 2015, and we will always stay true to our core values. Our journey is driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, ensuring that every step we take reflects our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.