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Each fitppl product has a litter abatement impact score. This score represents how many pounds of trash will be removed at a fitppl cleanup. We host in cites, at parks, near creeks, and rivers, because 80% of plastic and trash that enters our oceans, comes from land-based sources.




Pounds of litter removed


Total Volunteers

Why is this our purpose?

fitppl was created on a platform of reform. Our mission was born way back in 2013 in the waters near Hong Island, by our founder, when fitppl was still just an idea . The fitppl philosophy was eventually incorporated into our products and action.

Why we do it?

Plastic pollution is at catastrophic levels. By 2050, plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish. Once plastic reaches the oceans, it’s practically impossible to clean up, and it does not go away.

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