One piece a day

Our initiative to fight litter and waste.

The United States generates a staggering 195 million tons of waste annually, with each person contributing an average of 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Unfortunately, not all of this waste is properly disposed of. People litter, trash trucks lose it, wind blows it away, and water carries it away.

How is this happening?

Food packaging

Litter is a major problem, with food wrappers, paper bags, cardboard boxes, newspapers, and scrap paper making up 22% of it. Plastics are also a significant contributor, coming in at 19%. While some litter may be accidental, most of it is the result of deliberate actions.

Done with intent

The majority of litter, approximately 81%, is intentionally discarded on land and eventually ends up in the ocean. This contributes to the 9 billion tons of litter that enter the ocean each year from land-based sources.

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We all need to help

With so many people intentionally littering, we need a collective of individuals to help combat the problem. So that's you! It’s simple to join our initiative, make a personal pledge to pick up one piece of trash a day. Can you pick more than one piece a day? Hell yes you can. Bonus karma points.

We all need to help.

The problem of litter is made worse by the fact that a large portion of it is intentional. By joining our initiative and pledging to pick up just one piece of trash per day, you can make a significant impact in the fight against litter and pollution. And if you're feeling ambitious, feel free to pick up even more! Every piece makes a difference.

The potential impact

If 1% of the U.S. population joined our initiative, we can collectively remove approximately 1.1 billion pieces of trash per year, that's 3 million pieces per day.

Small actions can lead to big change.

Join the One Piece A Day Pledge

This starts with you. Pledge your one piece a day.

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