1/3 cup of coaches oats

1 tbsp of fitppl green and red superfood

1/3 cup of dahlicious lassi

2 tbsp tropical harmony seeds smart fruit



Purely Elizabeth granola

Nounos creamery greek yogurt

Zespri kiwifruit

Perfect bar

Stonebridge orchards organic dried cherries

Legendary foods blueberry cinnamon bun cashew butter


Soak 1/3 cup coach oats and 1 tsp fitppl superfood powder in 1/3 cup of dahlicious lassi and 2 tbsp tropical harmony smart fruit (stir in fitppl last for a swirly effect) layered with nouns creamery, purely elizabeth granola, zesprikiwi fruit, perfectbar, stoneridge orchards organic dried cherries (my first time eating these and I’m hooked!) and legendary foods blueberry cinnamon bun cashew butter.

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Created by:@lucky_peach