Eat your greens!

You’ve probably heard this phrase a thousand times or more. This message likely first came from your parents or caregiver. Later, it was repeated by a health teacher, and more recently by media and friends.

There’s a reason you’ve been hearing it over and over for all of your life: it’s good advice.

Leafy greens, especially dark-colored varieties, are very healthy for you, and there are so many benefits of greens when you include them in your diet. Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy, and arugula all offer incredible health benefits as well.

However, not everyone enjoys eating these foods. Many people find their taste bland and boring; others don’t like all the chewing. They may seem expensive and challenging to incorporate into recipes, too.

If you’re hesitant to eat greens – even though you know you should – read on. You’ll learn more about the many health benefits that come from consuming leafy green vegetables, and you’ll learn some tricks to make the consumption of them easier for you as well.

Benefits of Greens

There are so many benefits of greens in your diet.

Humans and our humanoid ancestors have been eating green plants for hundreds of thousands of years. They have fueled us for countless centuries.

Today, there are so many different varieties and tastes available to you, and there are so many different ways to prepare them to enjoy.

If you don’t eat greens on a daily basis, your body is really missing out. Studies have found that greens support brain function, bone health, and healthy aging. They contain antioxidants and polyphenols that help improve inflammatory response. Chlorophyll in greens helps to reduce the build-up of toxins in your body by removing heavy metals from it, and it also helps to cleanse the liver, supporting healthy function more efficiently.

Greens contain a lot of folates; when you eat them your body can more easily produce dopamine and serotonin, which can help reduce stress. The potassium found in greens can aid in promoting an internal balance in your gut that will result in far fewer instances of belly bloat, too.

Further, greens help to support your immune system and they can help to balance out your sugar intake as well.  And, they not only help you on the inside, but on the outside, too; the beta-carotene found in carrots is also present in leafy greens, and it can work as a natural sunscreen, thereby giving your skin a beautiful glow.

The Healthiest Greens

There are so many different foods in the realm of greens. They may look similar, but they have a wide range of different tastes, and there’s something for everything in this category of vegetables.

One of the very best greens for you is kale. It contains almost all of the benefits offered by greens; it is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, folate, potassium, and fiber. It’s wise for everyone to eat some kale at least a few times a week if possible. Collard greens are almost equally beneficial.

However, there are so many other options available as well. Green leaf, red leaf, and romaine lettuces are all great for salads. Swiss chard, spinach, and turnip greens make wonderful side dishes. It’s easy to add cabbage to a number of recipes, and small leafy greens, like cilantro, parsley, mint, and thyme can be a fantastic finishing touch.

The ways to use greens are endless. If you enjoy cooking and want to add more to the meals you cookand serve, there are many great options for doing so.

Limitations to Eating Greens

However, not everyone knows how to cook or enjoys cooking. There are also a number of obstacles that many people face when it comes to adding more greens into their diets. Some people simply don’t think they taste good, no matter how they are prepared. Others find that some make them feel gassy. Still others feel that some types of leafy and cruciferous green vegetables are cost-prohibitive for their food budget.

Fortunately, there’s another way to consume greens and to enjoy all the benefits they offer.

Consider Greens & Reds Supplement Powder

Supplements should never be viewed as a replacement for the nutrients they provide, but they can be a big help in supporting your overall diet. Greens and reds supplement power is a quick and easy way to help people reach their daily recommended intake of the vitamins and minerals found in greens, without having to worry about constantly eating greens.

Greens and reds powder usually contains a combination of leafy greens, seaweed, grasses, other vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits, probiotics, and nutritional extracts and herbs. It can be mixed into a glass of water, smoothies, or juices. Greens and reds superfoods powder is low in calories but high in so many different things your body needs like iron, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and other minerals. Some also include vitamin C as well.

However, because these powders are made from dried vegetables and fruits, the fiber offered by these foods is lost in the process. Therefore, it’s crucial that you also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in their whole food form as well. Again, supplements are never replacements for foods, but they can make meeting your general health needs much easier for you.

If you choose to add this type of supplement, you’ll soon experience a number of benefits. This powder can support your immune system, improve eye and cognitive health, lower your blood pressure, and help you fight off a variety of chronic diseases.

Greens Are Good for You

As you can see, greens are very good for the health of human beings. It’s no wonder that we’ve been consuming them for so many thousands of years. The benefits of greens are quite clear and all of us must find ways to incorporate them into our diets each and every day. Whether you choose to eat plenty of greens in their natural form, or if you add a green and red superfood supplement into your diet, you can enjoy the benefits.

Now, go eat your greens!

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