How To Get More Veggies In Your Diet

How To Get More Veggies In Your Diet

How to get more veggies in your diet:

Veggies and greens are now more accessible than ever before. There are diverse options available, but in this world of abundance, how do you sneak more in? How do we find out what our bodies need?

There are also green supplements that do an incredible job to help support and build the body. What should you look for to find the best green superfood powder?

Finding what benefits you're looking for

If we are looking to build immunity and nourish our cells then go for greens with vita-mineral support such as beet tops, chard, spinach, bell peppers, citrus such a lime, even fruits like papaya and kiwi.

If you want a quick meal to provide energy; look for foods like peas, broccoli , Brussel sprouts, avocados, blueberries, pears and celery, apples and artichoke.

Overall vitality will be supported by alkalizing herbs which aid in building cellular structure, so ingredients like nettles, moringa, oregano and seaweeds. These are some examples of the function green and veggies can play, so being mindful of your goal will help you narrow down what greens to integrate into your lifestyle.

Reallocate your cravings

We all struggle with cravings, when they hit, try to step back and understand why these cravings are present. Most us may go straight for the chocolate, candy or sweets when we are under stress or emotionally depleted; this is a good time to fill your craving with mineral rich foods like sweet potato, fresh fruits, raw nuts and seeds, raisins and cranberries.

These foods produce healthy levels of magnesium, nitrogen, sulfur and carbon. In doing this conscious action of checking in with your body, you create better choices and introduce foods that you haven’t tried before.

Reallocating your cravings to veggies and fruits instills habits for better decision making when it comes to diet. This will leads to better health and emotional wealth.

These essential minerals are needed for full body function that can be found in greens and veggies.

+ Calcium: main structure supporting macro-mineral building our physical form of our bones

+ Copper: an essential trace mineral needed for survival, forming collagen in tissue.

+ Iron: which is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, the main transport of oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body, organs and tissue.

+ Potassium: helping our nervous system deliver information in a healthy response.

+ Zinc: the shield for fighting off illnesses, healing wounds and protecting our cells.

In addition to vitamins that of Folate, which are also present in greens: Vitamin A , Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Mix it up a bit and get creative

If you enjoy lettuce then next time you are picking your veggies go for different color variations, go for choices like radicchio, red oak leaf lettuce or common red romaine. Keeping it simple and enjoying the foods you already love can be a great way to explore your choices. Turning that traditional salad into a new meal, get adventurous and find ways of maintaining excitement in recipes, most importantly find what you like and what works for your nutrition goals.

Get creative and keep it fun. Adding green powders to your dressings can be a quick way of adding greens to your meals. Using beneficial plant based oils like Flax and Hemp Seed Oil can be the perfect omega carriers in addition to a plant based green powder. Lace these oils over your favorite salads and dishes.

Good sources of fatty acids and proteins can be found in many nut butters mixed with green powders. This is a fun and simple way to get your scoop of greens, Create a festive peanut butter and celery snack, over fruit, even on stuffed dates, grilled pears and crisp apples.

Change up the routine:

We all love starting our morning with coffee. However coffee is well known as a diuretic, it can cause dehydration leading to circulation issues. Coffee as a routine may also bring on nervous tension, heartburn, insomnia, and even pancreas and bladder deficiencies.

Maintaining a balanced level of this well loved beverage can be simple. Try substituting your cup of jo with a cup of green tea powder like Matcha. Even mint tea is known in the herbalist world to bring forth non stimulating energy, iced or hot – the benefits are quickly provided. Fresh pressed juices and green powders are also energizing to our mind and body.

Try Infused waters

Not only for hydration but this will add essential trace minerals for physical energy. Try various slices of fruits, citrus and veggies to a fresh infused water.


In a Mason Jar:

Add Slices of Red Beets

Fresh Raspberries

1 Stalk of Chopped Celery

Pour Water Over ingredients, and let sit overnight

To serve: Strain Water over 1 Cup, add in 1 teaspoon of greens powder of your choice and drink first thing in the morning. Have a balanced breakfast and drink as needed for continued energy.