What Should My Vegan Protein Powder Contain?

What Should My Vegan Protein Powder Contain?

There are over 9 million vegans in the United States today. Being a vegan can be part of a healthy lifestyle, but it also comes with challenges. Sometimes, animal products are cleverly incorporated into food products, so vegans have difficulty learning to read labels to make sure their choices are truly vegan.

One of these products is protein powder. Most protein powders contain whey, which is an animal product. But what ingredients should a Vegan Protein Powder include to ensure that you are getting proper nutrition?

Are you looking for a plant protein powder that keeps you full and nourished? Read on to learn about some ingredients that are perfect for vegans.


Legumes are a family of beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, and more. All of these have incredible protein powder and often provide the base of a vegan protein powder. This means the majority of your protein comes from plants in the legume family.

Beans are exceptionally high in proteins and amino acids that help build and bulk up your muscles. Some protein powders have a pea powder blend that consists of the yellow split pea, a great source of protein.

Brown Rice

While legumes are indeed a great source of protein, they cannot be on their own. They need extra amino acids to work correctly. This can come from a brown rice blend.

Brown rice is hypoallergenic, which is helpful for people with specific food allergies–as long as it’s not combined with any other allergens. In addition, Brown rice helps the blood vessels and supports the liver and kidneys.


Brown rice isn’t the only grain that’s great for packing a protein punch. Other whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, millet, and more are often added to supply more protein sources.

Not only that, but they can help improve digestion because they are full of fiber. Fiber encourages movement in the bowels and fills you up, so you don’t overeat.


Greens in a protein powder? Yes! In fact, greens and red superfoods contribute a powerful punch of health in protein powders.

They provide many essential nutrients and minerals like vitamin C, and they help detoxify the body. They also balance the pH levels in your body, keeping it more alkaline than acidic so it can function correctly. Red superfood power also provides antioxidants, minerals, and more that support your skin and organs.


Some protein powders are loaded with sugars to make them more palatable. Unfortunately, because of this, instead of packing your body with muscle-building protein, you’re only loading up on more artificial sugars to spike up your blood sugar levels.

Ideally, the best protein powder wouldn’t contain any sweeteners at all. But some may be sweetened with natural flavors like vanilla or cocoa. Always look for protein powders that have no sweeteners or natural sweeteners that are meant to work with your body and not against it. Monk fruit is a great alternative.


Omega-3s are fatty acids that typically come from fish, particularly salmon. They help reduce stress on the body and combat inflammation, which is vital after a workout.

The source of omega-3s isn’t just fish, but it can also come from plant sources like algae. Having omega-3s in your protein powder will help with post-workout soreness.


Like beans, seeds are an excellent form of protein. Some protein powders may even have seeds at the protein blend versus a pea protein powder.

Seeds that you might find in plant protein are pumpkin, chia, flax, and more. Additionally, flaxseed also contains omega-3s.


When you work out, you create a lot of stress on the body. But if you consume a protein powder with adaptogenic mushrooms, they reduce the stress after your workout. Not only that, but they can help you sleep as well.

There are several different types of adaptogenic mushrooms and having them in your protein powder is an added benefit to your body.


There are several vegan protein powders, but not all of them are created equal. The ingredients above can make a potent protein powder, but how do you know that the company you’re buying from is reputable?

Not all products go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality. Ensure that the company you purchase from cares about where their product comes from and how it’s manufactured. Doing so means that the company cares about what actually goes into your body and how it affects the environment.

If you have specific allergies or intolerances like gluten, make sure you look for a gluten-free brand that caters to your needs. Many protein powders contain gluten as a filler, and it offers no nutritional value.

Many protein powders contain ingredients that are imported from miles away. This means they lose some of their nutritional value once they’ve reached manufacturing and processing.


The best vegan protein powder only contains the best ingredients. When you drink a protein powder that works with your body, you can work more efficiently. It’s also a proactive way to take care of your overall health and nutrient needs.

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